The Packers vs. Vikings Rivalry!

When it comes to sports rivalry in Wisconsin, there is probably none greater in intensity than a football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings — especially when its at Lambeau Field!  And what exacerbates this Packers vs. Viking rivalry is the fact that Brett Favre will be treading the turf of Lambeau Field as an adversary, rather than the icon that packers fans used to coo…  It’s the highly hyped rematch at Lambeau Field, where betrayed fans will be waiting with what could be a cold welcome as the Packers eagerly prepare to avenge their recent defeat at the Metrodome on October 5th.  This may be a unique experience for Favre, but he is likely more concerned about the NFC North race between the Vikings (6-1) and Packers (4-2).

Meanwhile, Wisconsinite’s are preparing for this weekends game in a number of ways akin to atypical former Packers seasons, and video streams such as the following are pouring into media pool.

Needless to say, the Packers’ fan base is famously dedicated; regardless of the team’s performance. And despite having by far the smallest local TV market, the Packers have developed one of the largest fan bases in the NFL. Each year the Packers consistently rank as one of the top teams in terms of popularity. The Packers have one of the longest waiting lists for season tickets, with about 74,000 people as of May 3, 2007.   In 2008 the list grew by more than 4,000 names;  making the waiting list number larger than there are seats at Lambeau Field.  It should be no surprise that with such a dedicated fan base ranked the Packers as having the second-best fans in the NFL in August 2008?


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