Brett Favre Saga

Today is a day of reckoning for Brett Favre…
What will his reception be at Lambeau Field when disgruntled fans get to spew their thoughts and feelings of his status of being a Minnesota Vikings player — the rivalry team of the Green Bay Packers?
What will the continuing saga of The Packers vs Vikings Rivalry turn out to be when ole’ Favre hits the turf?

I’m sure that for some Brett Favre fans the welcome will be warm, while others who feel betrayed of his choice to retire from the Packers — only to ultimately join an adversarial team will echo through Wisconsin with a resounding BOO!  What a striking irony the day after Halloween…

I simply cannot wait to see the outcome of this controversial game at the Home of the Cheeseheads!  As such, I’m only left with one thing to say:


Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings

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