Brett Favre – Boos Outnumber The Cheers at Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field, November 01, 2009:

Perhaps the die-hard Brett Favre fans expected all Packers fans to share their same sentiment in cheering for their favorite quarterback as he stepped out onto Lambeau field for Sunday’s game?   But that was not the case as Boos from Packers fans widely outnumbered the cheers for the former quarterback…

Wisconsinites’ bond with the Green Bay Packers is unprecedented in the world of professional football, and Favre was once beloved by practically the entire state when he sported the green and gold.  After all, he earned credit for bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Title-town after the team wallowed through two decades of mediocrity; not to mention ferociously battling many demons while simultaneously serving his team.  And even though that is a part of history now, the player inside Brett Favre is no different than that when he was a dedicated Green Bay Packer player.

Other than a change in uniform and teammates, Favre’s passion for the game is still driven by that vein of sportsmanship and drive which still runs deep through his heart.  This was clearly displayed, not only in his triumphant return to Lambeau Field as he took the Vikings to their 38 to 26 victory over the Packers, but in his post game statement to the press:

“I want to lead this Vikings team to a Super Bowl, believe me, I do. And I will do everything in my power.”

The rest of it was typical Brett Favre.  Just like in the first game against his old team last month at the Metrodome, Favre was barely touched.  When he needed time to look down-field, his protection was nearly perfect.  When he took short drops, he fired the ball out quickly.  The Packers failed to sack him again.

And despite all the emotions and feelings that filled the air at Lambeau Field, in the end Brett Favre offered respect for the game…


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