Shaun White To Have Dinner With President Obama?

Invariably, the name “Shaun White” rings with public adoration and iconic stature in the world of snowboarding; not to mention his gracious accomplishment in winning the gold medal in the men’s half-pipe competition at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.  The high-flying American defended his halfpipe title with a jaw-dropping sequence of flips and somersaults when he punctuated his night with his signature trick, the “Double McTwist 1260.”

But amidst all the glory and flashing cameras in the news conference following his winning run, Shaun White passionately impressed his desire to meet President Obama.  “I don’t think we’ve had the honor to meet the President of the United States,” White said.

Shaun White On Oprah Winfrey

Shaun White on Oprah WinfreyShaun White subsequently appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show on February 19, 2010 and reaffirmed his passionate desire to meet with President Obama. “It seems like you win the gold for the U.S., you should meet the president,” he says. “That would be cool.”

But despite his numerous public acclimation’s to the President, there has yet to be any word as to whether President Obama has an interest in honoring this young Olympic hero’s request.

Mr. Obama, Shaun White Will See You Now!

Granted, both the President Obama and Shaun White have very busy schedules, but one would certainly think that under the circumstances a personal visit could be reasonably easy to schedule?   And as for his request to sit down for a formal dinner, well, why not? Now of course the issue of security falls into play, but I believe that Shaun White certainly poses no security risk to anyone, let alone the President of the United States…  But Shaun White certainly has raised a very relevant issue in his statement to Oprah, “It seems like you win the gold for the U.S., you should meet the president.”

It only begs the question as to why there currently isn’t a  White House/Presidential policy in place to honor our U.S Olympic athletes?  We know that it cannot be for the reason that they don’t deserve a Presidential visit or tour of the White House followed by a one-on-one meeting, right?

Nevertheless, I believe that Shaun White earned his visit with President Obama and that necessary steps need to be taken to honor this simple, yet complicating endeavor.

Get Shaun His Presidential Dinner!

I would sincerely appreciate everyone’s support in this cause, so please get the word out by sharing this post and forwarding it to all your friends.  Let’s get Shaun White his Presidential Dinner!

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