Milwaukee Brewers Home Opener

Monday, April 05, 2010 marks the home opener for the Milwaukee Brewers!

Here in Milwaukee the sounds and smells of spring have been in the air for a couple of weeks now, and along with that for many Brewers fans are the eager anticipations of the upcoming MLB baseball season and the Milwaukee Brewers.

For me those sounds will revitalize the somber emotions that were felt during this past winter, when in my travels during the off-season Miller Park’s cold, lifeless silhouette only offered memories of the thousands of Brewers fans cheering, the children laughing, and the endless aromas of food grilling in the parking lot…  But the wait is soon to be a part of history too as the Milwaukee Brewers will be wrapping-up their spring training later this week and the official season comes to a head.

Just what the 2010 season holds for Prince Fielder is anyone’s guess, but if he pounds out those home runs like last season we’re in for a good one!

Prince Fielder

And I think its worthy to note that no matter if the Brewers win or loose, the sport of baseball provides a sort of entertainment that defies simple explanation or expression.  Baseball is simply a sport that  has always been a tradition that is deeply ingrained in the historical roots of America and its people, and whether your team wins or loses, simply being a part of the game for the sport of the game and the entertainment it offers is what matters…

More Brewers announcements are soon to come!

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