2011 Snowboard Equipment Trends

2011 Snowboard Season

We’re entering the 2011 snowboard season and we thought you might like a sneak peak at what’s going to be hot!

The SIA Trade show took place at the end of January and we got a look at all the goodies for this season, so if your falling behind a little bit we’ve rounded up some of the big trends.


It seems like collaborations are a trend that is here to stay. The ladies are often left out of the really cool collaborations, but not in 2011! One of the ones we are excited for is the K2/Nikita collab that will bring Nikita style to some K2 hard-goods.
Burton is also doing a collab with the New York City based streetwear brand Married to the Mob, which includes a board and outerwear. We liked their slogan “Well behaved bitches seldom make history.”
Ride is also doing a nifty collaboration with Spacecraft.


Purple really isn’t a new color in the world of snowboarding gear, but never has it been quite so EVERYWHERE as in the 2011 snowboarding gear! 2011 will be sporting all sorts of shades of purple, and not just in outerwear.  Look for purple on boots, bindings and even snowboards!


Reverse camber hasn’t faded out of snowboards.  As a matter of fact it has grown.

With the 2011 models you’ll be hard pressed to find a regular cambered board, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have options… Most companies have expanded their reverse snowboard camber options to include various combos that suit different riding types.
If you haven’t rode one of these multi-camber snowboards yet, get with it people!  You don’t know what your missing!


For whatever the reason it appears that Companies will be offering a lot more boot lacing options in the 2011 snowboard season.
Within one brand you might see 3 or 4 different types of lacing including standard lacing, BOA, quick lacing systems, and different inner lacing systems.


Signature gear is nothing new, especially in the 2011 snowboarding season! Pro Snowboarders like Gretchen Bleiler have had signature collections for years, but what is new is that many snowboard riders are creating their own personal brands and building signature collections across several companies.
Take Cheryl Maas for example – her signature paw print and colors make their way across boots from Vans, a Nitro board, and Celtek gloves.
Don’t be surprised of what you see on store shelves…

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