Is Shaun White Gay?

I mean, come on already!

If you Google the question, people — haters — everywhere are making these allegations, speculating about Shaun White’s Sexuality.  Frankly I think it is absurd and childish that rumors of this nature even circulate…  But then again, its the world wide web, right? Whether he has a sexual preference is none of my business or anyone’s business  for that matter.

A Positive Role Model

Shaun White is a positive role model for younger adults, children, and even some adults who are still a child at heart.  He deserves a gold medal simply for being this positive role model and everyone should recognize it as well!  If I have anything to do with it I will quash this ridiculous rumor and shed light on the truth and facts that are evident.

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  1. Seriously?! Do people have nothing better to do than spend time actually contemplating this?! Wow. Whether Shaun is gay, straight, or otherwise has absolutely nothing to do with his talent, his humility, his intelligence, his tenacity, or the fact that he gives back to the community. I agree 100% that he is a positive role model…something that the world is in desperate need of. Being an adult who is still a child at heart myself, Shaun is definitely something of a hero to me, because when he got up from his hit at this year’s Winter X Games and won Gold, I was laid up in bed with a badly bruised tail bone from a gnarly spill I took during my 2nd snowboarding lesson. It was at that moment that I resolved to never give up learning how to ride. Shaun’s perseverance definitely had a positive effect on me, and I applaud him for it every day. The haters need to take a page out of Shaun’s book and learn some new tricks.

  2. @TygrrQueen:

    Thanks for responding 🙂
    I know! When I saw the “is Shaun White Gay” crap floating around cyberspace I knew I had to turn the rumors into something positive in nature. He is what he is, and whatever his sexuality is bears no relevance on his role as an icon in the snowboarding and skateboarding world!

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