Jennings and Rodgers Unstoppable

Let’s be honest, is there a better duet than Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings in the NFL right now? Whenever I have to make my NFL Picks, I always take a lot with the team facing the Green Bay Packers and basically look for the match-up Jennings will have in addition to the pass rushing defense against Rodgers.

Greg Jennings and Aaron Rogers

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This past Sunday, Jennings and Rodgers crushed the San Francisco 49ers, recording 122 yards on six receptions and two touchdowns. The amazing thing is that Jennings usually catches passes for big gains because his speed allows him to beat the secondary defense once he makes the catch.

“I’ve played here enough times in the winter to know that the wind usually blows from our tunnel to the northwest side of the field,” Rodgers said. “Unfortunately, I just forgot about that for a quick second. But it wasn’t a huge factor.”

The Packers have been great over the past few weeks, but they also showed that the connection is not only with Jennings, because on one particular play, Donald Driver proved that he can do the same. Driver scored a 61-yard catch-and-run for a touchdown in the third quarter after he scrambled from a pile of 49ers defenders. “That’s one of the best plays I’ve ever been a part of,” Aaron Rodgers said.

“It ignited our football team,” coach Mike McCarthy said. “We needed that. We had some segments there in the first half where we weren’t as sharp as we needed to [be].”

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