Milwaukee Brewers’ Mascot Hawk?

It appears that the Milwaukee Brewers may have a mascot?

In what can be best described as an eloquent warrior of nature, a young red tail hawk chaperoned the Milwaukee Brewers to their 4-1 victory over the Houston Astros today at Miller Park.


Proudly stationing itself in right field for what one fan estimated to be about 20 minutes, the hawk skillfully supervised the majority of the 3rd inning as the Brewers scored 3 runs against the Astros, not so much as twitching a feather.

Milwaukee Brewers Hawk Mascot_2

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“Even when the Brewers hit a home run, and 30,000 + fans were on their feet cheering as the fireworks were exploding, the hawk maintained its ground near Astros outfielder, Hunter Pence,” the fan exclaimed.





At one point the Brewers new mascot hawk must have got a little hungry and decided to feast on a not-so-lucky pigeon, a very rare site that I am certain captivated the fans’ attention!

Milwaukee Brewers Hawk Mascot

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Uncertain as to whether the hawk has a nest somewhere in the retractable roof of Miller Park, or if the young bird was merely trapped inside when the roof closed, I certainly look forward to seeing more of the Brewers mascot hawk in future games.

Go Brewers !

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