Brewers NLCS Tickets

Brewers NLDS ChampionsToday marks game one of the seven game National League Championship Series (“NLCS”) between the Milwaukee Brewers and the St. Louis Cardinals.  Needless to say NLCS tickets are like gold and finding them is going to be a big challenge.

Unfortunately Milwaukee Brewers officials said National League Championship Series tickets are sold out at its box office.  However, that does not necessarily mean that Brewers fans are completely out of luck!  Even though fans can’t buy the tickets at the box office anymore, workers said they can still check with reputable ticket brokers, or someone may be selling tickets in the parking lot?

Some Brewers fans said they could hardly wait to pick up their NLCS tickets at the box office at Miller Park on Saturday morning.

Two brothers said they’re lucky to be picking up their Brewers-Cardinals tickets after registering online weeks ago.  “It was the luck of the draw, really. You get the opportunity to purchase tickets. A couple of days ago at 9 a.m., we logged onto the site, hopeful to get something. And luckily, we did,” the one brother said.

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