Element Skateboard – Vestalife Ladybugs

Element skateboard is a name that speaks for itself when it comes to quality, popularity, and an affordable sports equipment product line.  Well here’s one of the latest developments

Vestalife has partnered with Element Skateboards to create a limited edition version that is all black, chrome, and skulls!

The speakers include two 1.5-inch tweeters that fold over the face of your iPod, encasing the MP3 player. The back of the Ladybug houses a single 3-inch sub, along with an auxiliary input, USB port, A/V output, and an external power jack. All universal-dock iPod models are supported.

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  1. So does this Element Vestalife Ladybug qualify as sports equipment due to its association with Element Skateboards? I would suppose that the term “sports equipment” constitutes any implement that is utilized during the sport of skateboarding…
    I do know that they are a rather affordable sport equipment accessory, and that they are very convenient too!

  2. This is a good point! I would have to agree that anything used in the course of skateboarding qualifies as “sports equipment” in the general sense. But I guess that technically this particular Element Vestalife Ladybug falls more under the category of sports accessories… It’s quite ambiguous actually 🙂

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