Brewers' former left fielder Ryan Braun

Will Ryan Braun’s Apology Come Too Late?

Brewers' former left fielder Ryan BraunAccording to an article at USA Today, former Brewers’ left fielder, Ryan Braun, is preparing to make an apology for using performance-enhancing drugs during the 2011 season.  Although Braun has not personally made this announcement, anonymous sources who are familiar with his plans told USA Today that he has begun sending apologies to MLB officials.  Apparently Braun is ready to publicly offer the reasons why he used performance-enhancing drugs, and apologize for lying…

Quite frankly I think its a joke! Perhaps Braun should reconsider any plans for a public apology.  I don’t want to hear him say that he’s sorry, because in my opinion he’s only sorry that he was caught.

Braun made a decision to use performance-enhancing drugs-PERIOID! After being caught in late-2011 and winning an appeal of a 50-game suspension, Braun continued to keep his secret to himself and misrepresent his loyalty to the public.  We all knew that what he did was wrong.  He merely escaped accountability by a technical loophole.

If Ryan Braun really wants to apologize for his actions he needs to accept his punishment, change his behavior, and OWN the consequences for his actions.

How do you feel about Braun’s upcoming apology?  Leave your opinion in the comments below.

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