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Shaun White’s


The question of Shaun White’s sexuality is popping up on every site that you Google recently. The question that should really be posed is who cares?

The people that are writing these articles are protected by the First Amendment. It’s easy to throw stones at people that are in the media as they are public people and essentially legal to throw any type of stone that you want at them.

Shaun White

Pose this question to yourself. Would you be comfortable with supposed journalists commenting on the status of your 24-year-old’s sexuality? Is this that important to his snowboarding career?

If you’ve followed anything on this young man you may notice that he’s not only incredibly busy with his snowboarding career, but he’s also extremely wealthy. Why would this young man want a girlfriend at his age or even consider getting married with the amount of money he has?

His prospective is probably just to have fun and date if he even has time to do that. It’s very easy to bash anyone that is famous on the internet. However ignorance is coming to an extreme.

If people find it necessary to call someone gay then perhaps they are concerned with their own sexuality. At the age this man is at he has done very well for himself and is probably not willing to give up the discipline that he has exerted in his snowboarding career to casually leave his name all over the map when it comes to dating.

This poses the question of who cares once again.  Aren’t many men that have been married for 25 years found to father children and come out of the marriage proclaiming they are gay?

Basically what society is saying is this-if you don’t have a girlfriend, if you aren’t married, and if you haven’t been seen dating then you are gay. Ignorance is bliss for some but not for the man affected by it! I give props to Shaun White for his snowboarding career and tell the network of people who care so much about sexuality to consider their own.

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